Ok, I admit it.

I’m a freelance copywriter.

But the better type. Not the type that leaves you in the lurch an hour before a presentation; nor the type that is too blasé to read a brief.

I’m the type that is professional and passionate about every job that lands in my inbox.

The type that is experienced enough to get it right first time; yet fresh and hungry enough to treat every brief as an opportunity to create something truly special.

…Something that’ll wow the client, and impress the Creative Director at the same time.

I don’t need a few days to diagnose the brief; or to dredge through award annuals to see what other people have done in the sector. I just get on with it.

I aspire to writing copy that sounds real; that’s impelling; that resonates across all target audiences; and pushes all the right buttons along the way.

At the same time, I aspire to providing the ultimate copywriting resource - reliable, responsible and amicable. While delivering work that is both hard-working and award-worthy.

If this ticks any boxes, please take a look around.

Welcome to copyontap.co.za